Walking and Cycling

Great Hockham sits in the centre of the Brecklands which is home to an abundance of walking and cycling trails. Without a doubt, it’s the perfect place for an exciting outdoor adventure in a wonderful woodland. At a glance, Great Hockham boasts two fantastic walking trails whereby you can discover pleasant picnic sites and treat your four-legged friend to a forest visit. The Green Walk is a pleasant walk amidst the forest with it’s trail lasts for 1.5 miles. Wander amongst its forest to discover pine plantations, mature oak trees and a rich life of insects and birds. Meanwhile the Yellow Walk provides a pleasant amble through the forest lasting a total of 2.5 miles. In close proximity is the Peddars Way, an old Roman road connecting the North Norfolk coast offers scope for a more adventurous walker. Its coastal path provides 96.5 miles of walks through National Nature Trails.

For all things cycling and mountain biking, head for the trails at High Lodge at Thetford Forest. Undoubtedly, High Lodge offers a fantastic opportunity for cyclists. Begin your cycling adventure on the Shephard trail welcoming beginners and virtually any type of bike. If your a novice, head for the Beater trail an entry level single track route winding between the trees. Choose your trail length from a 6 mile loop to an impressive 11 mile bike. Let the kids head off-road at the Child friendly pump track. Here, they can build skills, speed and confidence before mastering the loop. For those experienced mountain bikers, the Lime Burner trail is just for you. This single-track trail provides a chance to practice your skills with crests, dips, holes and a great sweeping track.

Get your Indiana Jones hat on and explore The Great Eastern Pingo trail. This fascinating walk consists of a gentle 8 miles of tracks and trails to explore. Along your journey you’ll spot a number of pingo ponds. These pingos date back to the ice age and are vital for the wildlife. Thompson Water owned and managed by Norfolk Wildlife Trust makes for a lovely stop before your next stretch on the farm track. Unquestionably, this is a picturesque walk and begins just a short distance away from the cottage.